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Sacred Dragonfly is a Western Australian, Perth based business. We pride ourselves on the fact that our Candles, Room Sprays and Bath salts are 100% toxic free, made with natural high quality ingredients and materials.


Hello! My name is Marisa, the creator of Sacred Dragonfly. Being an Aries with my moon in Cancer, I am full of fire, passionate, motivated, determined and confident. A nice balance for my fire comes from my water moon sign of Cancer, making me highly sensitive, protective, intuitive, and caring. Mumma of 3 energetic beautiful boys, I have always been drawn to the magical/spiritual things in life. From a young age I loved spiritual stores, crystals, angels, incense, tarot cards and anything that resonated with that inner part of me. Always an empath, life has been a journey of lessons and beautiful discoveries. I worked as a beauty therapist for 10 years and also a reiki practitioner until having my babies put a pause to that part of my life. And then I created Sacred Dragonfly, my newest baby!

Having a young family, and wanting to protect my children from harmful chemicals and toxins, living a toxic free life is something that has become extremely important to me.

Everything we use in our household from our hand wash, the detergent we wash our clothes in, our shampoo, cleaning products, to the food we eat, the water we drink and bathe in, to the candles we use, all have harmful chemicals and toxins that we are constantly being exposed to, absorbing and ingesting.



I started gradually phasing out harmful household items and switched to "natural" products wherever I could. But there was one product in particular I struggled to find on the market, and that was a toxic free candle. So I took it upon myself to learn how to make my own.


I attended a candle workshop in 2020 and instantly feel in love with how calming and cathartic it was, and it also sparked my creative side which had been laying dormant for some time (I know some of you mumma's can relate)! Although during the course I was told that essential oil candles are "just too hard to make" and " you just cant make essential oil candles". For me that just didn't sit right and went against my intuition so I started researching essential oils and began my journey of creating my own unique essential oil blends.


After months of testing many different blends, I finally created 4 signature blends that resonated with every part of my being. Love, Calm, Earth and Enlighten was birthed and I couldn't be happier with the products now made with these beautiful blends.


My hope is that you can relax knowing that you are burning a Candle and using a Room Spray that is not only free from toxins but has the added health benefits of aromatherapy, and the healing from crystals to help you through your days and nights!


with love & light,
Marisa xx