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Scented with Pure Essential Oils our Sacred Candle selection is perfect for every home…

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"Sacred Dragonfly captured me from the moment I laid eyes on their stall at a market and continue to fill my soul with pure joy and grounding while I'm in the presence of their beautiful candles and sacred mists.

I have had the privilege to work alongside this business numerous times now while capturing their product - but more importantly getting to know the beautiful human and ethics behind this business is an absolute honour. The love and thought that goes into these natural and truly sacred products is beyond anything I have experienced in a range like this before and I will continue to support this business for a lifetime."

Jenna Duxbury - Founder/Photographer (Opal Image Studio)


My husband called out to me, this must be for you!
As I was walked into the kitchen I could smell the most amazing fragrance.
I became very excited because I knew my Love candles from Sacred Dragonfly had arrived.
I already loved these candles and I hadn't even opened the package.
The candles were everything that was promised.
Once I did lay my eyes on them I knew I was hooked.
Thank you Marisa for bringing these candles into the world.
I can feel they were made with love.

Maree Langburne

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